Wanamassa Fire Company
Township of Ocean
Fire District 2
Monmouth County, NJ


Our History

The Wanamassa Fire Company came into existence on February 6, 1922, when twenty-four residents of that area met at the home of Sidney D. Van Dyke and organized the Township's second fire fighting company.  The officers elected at the meeting were John Leary, President; John W. Martin, Vice President; John F. Carlton, Secretary; William C. Schwartz, Treasurer.  Sidney Van Dyke was chosen Foreman or Chief; Matthew R. Covert, First Assistant; and George W. Patterson, Second Assistant.

At this time, there was available for fire fighting only an old hose reel which had been donated by the Spring Lake Fire Department, and was kept in the garage of Joseph Smith on South Wanamassa Drive.  Naturally, this small piece f equipment would suffice for only the smallest of fires and when a large blaze broke out help was summoned form Asbury Park and other neighboring communities.

In March of 1922, a committee was appointed to investigate possible sites for a new fire house.  The location which was finally chosen consisted of two lots on the south side of Sunset Avenue between Garvin and Laurel Avenues, and a small wooden building was erected to house the apparatus.  On October 13, 1922, the Fire Company was incorporated, and in 1923 the first motorized pumper, a Simplex, was purchased at a cost of $1000.00.

    By 1927 the community had grown to such an extent that the old Fire House became inadequate to house the additional apparatus needed to afford proper fire protection.  Accordingly, property at the north-west corner of Sunset Avenue and Wickapecko Drive was acquired and there was erected thereon the present two story brick building which houses the Fire Company and the Wanamassa First Aid Squad, which was organized some twenty years ago and whose first ambulance was given by Sanders P. Wertheim.