Wanamassa Fire Company
Township of Ocean
Fire District 2
Monmouth County, NJ


Township of Ocean Fire District 2
Commissioners and Employees

President - Kevin O'Connor
Term Expires February 2018

Vice President / Assistant Treasurer - James Scollay
Term Expires February 2018

Treasurer - Earl Gifford
Term Expires February 2017

Secretary - Alan Dowling
Term Expires February 2019

Assistant Secretary - Edward Horn
Term Expires February 2019

Board Attorney - Richard Braslow, ESQ

Board Accountant - Oliver Walling, CPA

Auditor - Holman & Frenia, P.C.

Fire Coordinator - John P. Francis

Fire Marshal - Thomas K. Haege

Deputy Fire Marshal - Dean H. Schoch

Fire Inspector - Brad Childs

Administrative Clerk - Beatrice Kirk

Payroll Clerk - Phylis Goldstein